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Organic dipping powder is a very popular choice for multiple reasons. Ther vitamins and calcium in the powder help your nails get stronger and healthier. It looks natural and thinner than other acrylic nail options. It is more durable and stronger than gel polish. Dipping powder does not require U.V. light to cure, and most importantly it leaves no damage to the natural nail bed.

Dipping Powder, SNS, Dip, Full set, Fill in, Acrylic, Manicure, Pedicure,

Add Tip

An Add-on of artificial tip followed by chosen Dipping Service.

Add French

French White Tips style of the Dipping Powder. Added on with chosen Dipping Service.

Dipping without Manicure

A Dipping Powder application ONLY. No Manicure service.

Dipping with Manicure

A Dipping Powder application followed after a Basic Manicure service.

Dipping Ombre

A two-tone effect from two choices of color blends into a gradient transition from one to the other.

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